The ISTQB launched the ISTQB Partner Program® initiative a few years ago. The aim of the program is to recognize and reward employers, who support ISTQB, thereby contributing to the promotion of the training and certification scheme defined and represented by the organization. As of today, more than 250 employers have been awarded the title “ISTQB Partner” worldwide. In Hungary, more and more companies are interested in the partner program and take the opportunity - and the benefits - of the program.

ISTQB Partners from Hungary




Via the ISTQB Partnership, the employer supports the ISTQB’s efforts and actively contributes to the development of the training model defined by the organization. ISTQB Partnership comes with many benefits:

  • Invitation to the ISTQB Partner Forum, where partner organizations get the opportunity to get to know, comment and therefore actively shape the new training for testers, as well as to gather information on the latest professional materials and plans
  • Lowered ISTQB exam fees for employees of the partner organisation
  • Discounted tickets for ISTQB Conference Network events, such as HUSTEF

Furthermore, ISTQB Partners may officially use the ISTQB® Partnership Program logo; their company is listed on ISTQB® worldwide WEBSITE ( as well as on the website of the national, or regional ISTQB board where the registration has taken place, in this case, the Hungarian Testing Board ( In addition, the partnership and its level are also confirmed by special certificates.



The primary condition for applying for the ISTQB Partner Program is the existence of a certain number of ISTQB certifications held by the employees, contracted consultants and/or the suppliers of the company (the legal entity submitting the application). The ISTQB Partner Program has four different levels of partnership: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Global. Different levels require ISTQB certificates of different numbers and levels, which are calculated as points by the organization. In detail:

  • ISTQB CTFL certification: 1 certification pont
  • ISTQB CTFL Extension certification: 1 certification pont
  • ISTQB CTAL certification, per module: 3 certification pont
  • ISTQB CTEL certification, per module: 5 certification pont

The partnership level of a given ISTQB Partner is defined by the certification points presented. To reach a certain level, the following conditions must be met:

  • Silver – 5 certification pont
  • Gold - 14 certification points, of which at least one certificate is Advanced level
  • Platinum - 30 certification points, of which at least three certificates are Advanced level
  • Global - In order to reach the Global Partnership, the applicant must have independent business units that already have an ISTQB affiliate relationship with at least 2 ISTQB® Partner Program Gold levels and 1 ISTQB® Partner Program Platinum level partnership, in at least 2 different countries.

The exact terms, details, and benefits associated with applying for the ISTQB Partner Program can be found in the linked document!


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