Dear Examinee!

We are very pleased to announce that from the 15th of May our online exams with remote supervision, are available!

The exams are available several times a week.
We kindly inform you that we have reduced the application deadline, so our candidates must register no later than the 14th day before the exam day.
At the end of the exam the result is immediately available.

If you are taking the exam online with remote supervision, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the points below:
- You must provide the appropriate technical requirements (working webcam, laptop/computer, internet connectivity).
- You cannot access any resources during the exam. This means no resources of any kind are allowed, including external websites, other software applications, dictionary, calculator or any other hardcopy resources.
- The examiner is responsible for overseeing the enrolled member’s conduct during the exam. The examiner should be present via webcam and microphone until the enrolled member submits the exam. As a process of best practice, all exams are recorded by the examiner.
- You should plan to be logged in to the exam system at least 15 minutes before the scheduled testing time. Besides taking important documents on the exam day, it is essential to dress appropriately for an exam.

You can find information about the planned exam days in our calendar:
Other important information about the exam process can be found in our Exam Rules.

Find out more about the online exams at to get updated!

We look forward to seeing you soon!