"Is there a possibility to take an electronic exam?"
Yes, it is possible to take an on-site or a remote proctored electronic exam.

"What should I take to the exam?"

  • Official identity card issued by the authorities
  • Email confirmation shown on a device
  • Student identity card for student discount validation
  • In case of a foreign language exam, dictionary issued by a publisher (only in case of an on-site proctored exam)

“The registration deadline is today. Is it still possible to register for the exam?”
You can enquire about the availability on phone: +36 30 611 4242

“To where should I transfer the fee and what should I write in the comment field?”
The invoice about the examination fee contains all the information needed for the transfer. The invoice number should be stated in the comment field.

"I am a student but I’d like the invoice to be issued in the name of a company, is it possible?"
Full-time students receive a 30% discount for ISTQB and IREB exams, and a 50% discount for the TMMI exam. To prove student status, the applicant must bring and present their student ID to the exam. Evening and correspondence students do not receive the above discount. In all cases, the student discount can be applied on an invoice issued in the name of the student taking the exam - containing a 30% or 50% discount. We are unable to issue an invoice for a company name in connection with validating a student discount.

"I’d like to see my exam papers, is it possible?"
According to ISTQB rules, the exam paper cannot be viewed. HTB can provide consultation opportunities.  The duration of the consultation is approximately 30 minutes. The purpose of the consultation is for the examinee to find out which topics, chapters, and learning objectives of the course material were affected by the incorrectly answered questions. In the case of incorrectly answered questions, the consultant will briefly explain the related course material and, if possible, draw attention to key words, concepts and definitions relevant to the question, as well as their practical application. During the consultation, it is not possible to see the exact text of the questions, but for some questions, the consultant can explain it in a condensed form, justifying the correctness of the correct answer and the incorrectness of the wrongly marked answer.

"When will my printed certification arrive?"
You will receive your certification within 30 days after the settlement of the invoice.
“I have registered together with others from the same company. They already received their results but I haven’t. When will I get it?”
Write an email to examination@hstqb.org and let us know your issue.

"I cannot find my electronic certification. Can it be resent?"
Yes, HTB undertakes to resend the certifications in PDF format via email. Please contact Krisztina Tim (examination@hstqb.org). Nonetheless, we suggest you accept that your data are uploaded to the SCR system so you can anytime and anywhere see what ISTQB exams you have.

"I’ve sent my registration, but I haven’t received any response. When is it due?"
Usually, we send our feedback about the registration within 1-2 days. At the latest, we notify everyone on the first working day after the registration deadline.
“How should I prepare for a remotely proctored online exam?”

  • Please read our information letter sent after the registration deadline carefully.
  • You will receive a system-specific guide from the respective exam system no later than 48 hours before the exam. This will include instructions on the necessary technical preparation and the process of starting the exam. Be sure to read the guide and the help information provided here carefully.
  • If the examination system requires, you must perform a technical system check before the exam. We recommend that you execute this check 1-2 days before the exam to find any missing requirement.
  • If the examination system requires, you must also use a smartphone during the exam. For this you will find detailed instructions in the information mail sent by the examination system.
  • Please refer to our exam regulations for expectations regarding the location of the exam.
  • Our examination proctors are available 15 minutes before the exam and will guide you through the technical setup. Don’t worry, the setup will not reduce the time available for the examination. The exam starts when you are ready, you will have the control.
"Can I prove my 18-month experience as a tester by employment verifications from more companies?"
Yes, when there is no employer who could verify the entire 18 months. Time periods verified by different companies are accumulated.
"Should I pay the exam fee before or after the exam?"
Examination fees can be settled by bank transfer. The examination-candidate pays against the invoice issued by HTB by the deadline stated on the invoice. Contrary to previous years, the examination fee is always invoiced before the exam.
"When will I receive the bill about the examination fee?"
The invoice is sent out the week after the registration deadline via email to the address stated on the registration form.
"When do we receive the results?"
Examinees receive their results immediately in case of an electronic exam or within 10 working days after the paper-based exam.
“I have not received my printed certification even though I have settled the invoice and 30 days have expired as well.”
Please, write an email to Krisztina Tim (examination@hstqb.org), and attach the proof of the payment.
"Can I use a dictionary during the exam?"
In case of on-site proctored exams, only a printed dictionary can be used as an exclusive aid.
“What are the significant differences between remotely supervised and locally supervised exams?”
Unlike locally supervised exams, the use of assistive devices is not allowed in remote supervised exams (dictionary, calculator, draft sheet, etc.). The only exception to this rule is the use of a small, erasable board during a remotely supervised exam.
The candidate must ensure that the technical conditions for remote supervision are met.
In the case of a remotely supervised exam, the candidate is obliged to appear and log in to the examination system 15 minutes before the start of the examination, in an outfit that meets the general requirements of an in-person exam. In the case of a remotely supervised exam, the candidate will receive the result immediately upon completion of the exam.
Our examination rules contain further details about the rules for locally and remotely supervised exam types.
“Is it possible for me to pay the examination fee in person?”
Unfortunately, not. It is not possible to pay it in person.
“I received a bill with the values stated in HUF but I would need it in EUR.”
Contact person related to billing: (backoffice@hstqb.org)
"How late can I cancel the exam? Should I pay for that? If so, how?"
For all of the exams, the cancellation of the registration is free of charge until the registration deadline. After that, if the exam is officially canceled (via email) until the day before the exam, then the HTB issues an invoice of minus 50% of the examination fee, which is sent via email. The remaining 50% of the examination fee is transferred back to the bank account we received it from.
If the candidate asks to reschedule the exam between the registration deadline and the day before the exam, meaning that they apply for a later examination (within 4 months) whilst canceling their current exam, then the HTB issues an invoice only for the rescheduling fee, which is 25% of the examination fee.

"When will I receive the certification?"
Certification will be sent in a PDF format provided with a digital stamp within 10 working days after the successful exam. In case you would like to get a printed certificationas well, send your request in a response email along with your mailing address. The cost and postage of the printed certification: 8000 HUF + VAT, the invoice of which is sent in an email.

"Can I pick up my printed certification in person?"
It is possible in a previously agreed time, where appropriate.